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Company called on a Saturday offering a $49 service check and said the previous owners had used there company and was time for a check. I agreed and when they came to check they said all the coils were rusted and probably was not working properly. They had me convinced that it was going to overflow, that nothing was working properly and that I need a whole new system. It is funny how fast they determined all of this and were able to immediately get me a new system for $5800. I actually think he said he wouldn't turn it back on because of all the problems.

I really have no one to blame but myself for not checking it with a professional company. First of all I just bought the house in September and it passed inspection. Second the previous owners never used this company. This was done on December 1, 2014 and I have been sick about it ever since. After reading some of the other complaints it sounded a lot like what they did to me.

Did I actually need a new unit? I don't really know because I did not have another company check it out.

My advice, have another opinion! I have been sick about this whole situation and very depressed to think I was vulnerable enough to let this happen. They keep calling me to get me to get their maintenance service. Do you think I would ever let them do anything for me again. NO.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Iona, Florida, United States #950337

This company took advantage of my 87 year old mother and sd her a completely new system that she didn't need. That was 16 months ago.

Today I called them out because the air would not work they told me it needed a new coil and that the part was under warranty but it would be $1000 labor!!!

They just did a tune up on it 2 weeks prior and told me everything was running great! They are shysters and liars and I would not trust them!

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