Upon me being hired by Pro Mag Energy Group in Orlando, Fl as an Appointment Setter, I was told the job pays $10 plus commission upon ran appointments that we'd set with the "potential clients". I was there less than two weeks before I was fired for not making an appointment in 2 days, but was told by Marty and Lisa (the call center managers),there was a "3 day rule" - when in essence it was only 2 that I did not set an appointment due to bad leads.

I was fired on Tuesday, May 6th 2014. Sunday May 4rth, we were off; Saturday May 3rd, I was not there due to being sick; Friday May 2nd, we were off and Thursday May 1st, I had set 3 appointments (and more before then), so technically it was 2 days and not 3.

The handling of Pro Mag Energy Group firing process is plain out unethical; they do not warn anyone about a 3 day rule and it was never specified upon being hired. There was no quota requirements disclosed in their hiring application or process, and their company totally disregarded the 90 day probationary period upon which an employee is subject to a review of work performance at the 90 day period.

Most reputable companies in a situation like this with a 90 day probationary period will pull an employee aside and offer additional training or prep talk to see why certain performance(s) are not being met and only then after the probationary period they can willingly fire you. The fact that I was fired on a whelm without any of those circumstances being evaluated before a final decision was made, is a form of discrimination, and is against labor policy where the employer has a 90 day probation period.

I was serviced with 6 stacks of call-leads by management that were no good. Every 100 calls there would be 5 answers on the other end. Either the potential client who’d answered was EITHER tired of being bombarded with calls from Pro Mag Energy Group, or the potential client was too old to set appointments with. I was expected to set appointments from a botched list of leads that were hand-me-downs from previous calls of other employees, and a great deal of the “clients” who answered the phone complained about getting several calls from Pro Mag Energy Group – as they had previously requested to the older reps who called them to put them on the DNC. That alone is a violation and unethical calling practices.

I know my rights and I will not stand here and let Pro Mag Energy Group get away with this. This is the only job I ever had of this type where the leads were a bunch of rehashed “Do Not Calls” and overly calling elderly people to scam them out of their money. Pro Mag Energy Group has a bunch of bad reviews written under the BBB where I have seen that they'd “paid” customers off to get a better rating. Rest assured, their company Pro Mag Energy Group is unethical, and all of your representatives are unlicensed employees who do not even have the proper authority to perform a job which requires a Telemarketing License.

Let's not even get into the health code violation. They've just "moved" their company to this new Orlando location inside an old warehouse that was once operated by a machine company. The call-desks are literally surrounded by a bunch of old machines, iron, metal and other perilous debri that is still there from the old company - which is very hazardous and dangerous. There are nails all over the floor; I have literally picked a small one out of my shoe, thank God it did not get into my foot. There is so much dust everywhere; on the floor, in the air, on the work desk, and it smell like paint, Bengay, and other hazardous materials inside the workplace.

The divider that separates each desk is made out of ply wood; easy to catch a painful splinter, and there are guys in there working all day on repairs so it is very noisy (very unprofessional when on a call with a "potential client"). The bathrooms are disgusting, incomplete, and look like something out of a 3rd world country. Very unsanitary.

The boss man JD or James Harris ought to be ashamed of himself. About 3-4 days of working there, I noticed some odd things; especially with the leads. I noticed of the calls that I made that WERE answered were very elderly people. I am not talking 65 year olds, I am talking 80, 90, 95 etc. So it let me know right there that this company gets their leads in from a pin-pointed demographical area where mostly elderly people reside, because they feel they are the age group of people they can rip off. Don't believe me, go to the BBB website and read all of the complaints and elsewhere on the internet.

One of the managers "Lisa", once told us to never give the clients the name of the company for them to Google because they will see all of the bad reviews.....I thought to myself, are you kidding me?!? What reputable company says this?

Another thing I'd noticed is that they are always moving their company and call center which is a tall tale sign of illegal unethical practices. They make you work from 9am to 7pm, which is gruesome hours for telemarketing and you only get a 30min break and a 5min break every hour. By labor law, any shift that is worked over 8 hours is subject to a hour lunch.

This company is so full of deceit, lies, and corrupt practices. The manager "Marty" even told us in a meeting that it is against labor laws for us to be marketing without a license and he basically said we'd have to apply for a telemarketing license and if any of us has a criminal background, the head boss JD would override the license and keep us if we are good on the phones. That sealed deal for me in knowing this company is pure trash. When I came into work one morning the AC techs were standing outside and they smelled like pure ***! So these are the folks that are going out to fix people's air conditioners.

I will be reporting Pro Mag Energy to the Health Code Dept, Labor Dept, BBB, and anything else I can find. Do not work for this company and do not let them service your air conditioner. They prey on the elderly and that is how they make their money. And when complaints are made on their company, they up and move to another location. Do your research, I wish I had done mine.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #859667

I called this morning after air conditioner went out last night in the middle of the night. When I woke the entire house was 90 degrees and climbing.

I called two companies and unfortunately I went with this one.

Their tech who came to assess the situation (Abraham) was very convincing that the unit was not repairable. He showed a lot of knowledge and professionalism so I was sold on the company. He called into the office to have a different tech who would install the unit and I was told they would be here by 3Pm and finished by 3 pm. I gave 1/2 down and agreed to the balance upon installation.

Well this Abraham was told by the office (Lisa) to bring the cash back to me. She assured he was on his way. I received a call from the tech who would do the installation and that he was leaving the warehouse with the unit. First let me say, Abraham passed off the cash to the new tech.

I don't know if this happened before or was the cause of the delay, but it is now 6 pm and the person they sent out just got here. He was only 20 minutes away and the woman in the office insisted he go back all the way to Titusville, and hour away in the opposite direction and was the cause for the 3 hour delay. Meanwhile my home sweltered for 20 houres at 94 degrees. I actually spoke the woman in the office and she lied to me and said it was a stunt and there would be *** to pay from the techs who were late.

What a lier! The men who showed were great, at the mercy of the "office" and very, very sorry. The said it was always like this. They also told me of their work schedule.

The the man who was certified and doing the installation told me he had been working since 1:AM, and when they left at 10:PM he was going to yet another job. He had already been working for 17, yes, that's seventeen hours, and not done yet. This man is driving a company vehicle. His helper had been working since 6AM only 12 hours so far and was going out to another job with the Tech, who was going to not only be working in the dark, but dehydrated, with no sleep and by the time he left my house had been working now, for 20 hours.

I asked them why on earth they would work those hours, the tech told me he was paid an hourly wage and had a family to feed. That his work was seasonal and he had to work to feed his family.

I will be also lodging a complaint with their company president, and the labor department here in orlando. The furnace is working great and yesterday was a day of *** I wish never to repeat

Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States #839530

I work for this company and it's not like that at all. I work for the Orlando office as well.

You're lying because you're bitter. Sorry.

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #812831
Dear Anonymous Marketer,
You are not alone. As an ex-employee of Promag, I understand where you are coming from.

:( One of their offices on the east coast was raided by armed Police with guns drawn over this very issue of telemarketing license. Scared everybody half-to-death. That was like 1-2 years ago. Where is our Florida government now to protect the innocent elderly ones here in central Florida?

Hum, I wonder? They launched an undercover sting in Polk county to catch unlicensed a/c companies and caught quite a few. Why not look for unlicensed telemarketers? Maybe they are and that is why jd harris pulled out of Haines City.

He knew his days were numbered there.
Fear not "Anonymous Marketer" there are a bunch of ex-employees that would be happy to testify against this crook. :grin We have seen the families he has destroyed and we want justice for them.

If you need help just ask. :)
Anyone looking for ac repair in orlando beware of promag energy group!
Orlando, Florida, United States #812575

Oh btw, if you see any comments on this complaint that supports the company or against me,it is because the company sent their "plants" to clean up the truth I'd written about them

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